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The largest selction of legacy analog AutoPatch switchers and the only factory authorized service provider in the U.S.

Discount ReCertified HDTV Matrix Switcher/Router


analog switchers

Specializing in Analog Video/Audio/HDTV Matrix Systems
for Sports Bars, Restaurants, Government and Home Automation.

“Defying the analog sunset!”

The Autopatch Legacy Family of Switchers

We stock the largest selection of AMX, AutoPatch video/audio matrix router systems from 4×4 to 64×64 and beyond, HDMI, Component HDTV, Digital Audio, Composite Video, Analog (Stereo) Audio, S-Video & RGB(HV). 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i & 1080p, SDI, HDSDI, VGA

Many configurations are ready for immediate delivery from 4×4 to 24×64, HDMI, Component HDTV, Digital Coax (Spdif) Audio, Analog Stereo, Composite Video, S-video, RGBHV & VGA.

Easily Upgrade to Digital

In addition to our stock of ReCertified AutoPatch Switches we offer drop-in replacement Digital IP cat5 Switches that will replace your older analog switch, the new switch will respond to your control equipment exactly the same as the original switch(s) therefore there is no need for reprogramming.
We also offer digital switching over coax so you can re-use your old wiring as well. It’s a win-win to upgrade with us and go to DIGITAL!

Mission Critical

We also offer a “Mission Critical” option for our digital upgrades as well as Recertified analog switches which ensures 99.9% uptime and express after hours support. See “Mission Critical” for more information.

We have the Largest Stock of Legacy


Switchers in the county.


Add a Touch panel ipad/tablet control system to any of our switches, great for sports bars, restaurants, gyms, golf courses and much more.

Who are we?

The Reswitch story

Here’s the Scoop; Radio & TV Stations, Board Rooms, Schools  and Studios are aggressively updating their older equipment, leaving these very capable switchers without a Home.  Would you Junk a Ferrari just because the original owner bought a new Car?  Heck No,  The car gets re-tuned, detailed out and offered to another owner at huge savings over original cost!.  Same deal here, we go over every circuit on these jewels as we receive them, most (90%+) don’t even need any repair because Autopatch is so reliable.  Next we reconfigure them into a modern HDTV or Custom Switchers for today’s Needs.  Then we warranty our units for 6 full months and offer discount service for life (not likely needed).   Lastly we provide support before, during and after the installation including help designing your system for no extra cost!  100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

‘True Matrix Switchers can be very expensive and we offer the best “Autopatch” Switchers at a HUGE Discount!  Designed for a lifetime of operation (not just a few years) these units will still be functioning well into the future.’

International Shipping is Available

We Repair and Configure Autopatch Equipment!

You don’t have to buy a system from us to take advantage of our expertise, if your system is on the fritz or you just have some Autopatch equipment laying around and you want to put it in service, give us a email or call!  We can Repair, Refurbish, Reconfigure or upgrade ANY Autopatch system.  Have some Autopatch equipment that you no longer want?  We also buy surplus Autopatch equipment in any condition. 

Thousands and Thousands of Ports Shipped!

Through the years we have shipped thousanda and thousands of video ports. This means we have the expertise to match up you with the right system or to repair your current system and get it to working like it should.

(865) 567-1313

Call for information on purchasing, upgrading or repairing a system.


1670 Middle Creek Road
Sevierville, TN 37862


*Copyright disclosure: AUTOPATCH® name and logo is the property of AMX corporation.